UBL Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card
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Make your online shopping experience more secure and seamless with the ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’, the first of its kind in Pakistan!.

UBL Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card

Your online shopping experience is now safer than ever before! With your UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card, you don’t need to risk exposing your Debit or Credit Card details on the internet for any online transaction.

Unlike any physical card, the UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card allows you to conduct online transactions without actually possessing a physical card. Go Virtual!.

If you are a UBL Account holder, you can get your Wiz Virtual Card even if you have an existing Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card. No longer need to worry about having a physical card the next time you want to shop online for your favorite things. The Wiz Virtual Card is a digitally generated Card number, on which the balance can be loaded with the desired amount.

UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card comes with the global power of Mastercard allowing you to spend online, when you want, and in the way you want to! 

You can reload the balance on your Wiz Virtual Card upto PKR 100,000/- at any given point in time.