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A dedicated product that offers lifestyle banking to Freelancers. The product offers a full range of personalized features to empower you financially and provide greater freedom, convenience and flexibility in your remote income earning journey.

Features & Benefits

Simple Account Opening Documentation

Swift Account Opening Journey

Availability of Exporter Special Foreign Currency Account

Rate Break
on Loans

Availability of
Credit Card

Free General Banking Services

Preferential FX

Discounts on Co-working Spaces

Discounted Tax

Complimentary Insurance Coverage

Business Financing

Collaboration with Freelancers Association

Perfectly Suited Solutions

Swift Account Opening Journey

Enjoy maximum convenience while opening UBL Freelancer account by either visiting any of our UBL branches or through digital account opening platform on our website.

Availability of Exporter Special Foreign Currency Account

Do you wish to retain your freelancing remittances in Foreign Currency?

Now UBL extends to you Exporter’s Special Foreign Currency Account!

Benefits that you will get

  • Retain USD 5,000 per month (or equivalent FCY) or 50%, whichever is higher*, of your
    proceeds in Foreign Currency against freelancing services abroad.
  • Choice of Retention of funds in USD, GBP, EUR, AED and SAR
  • Expedited Turnaround time for account opening and remittances
  • 75% withholding tax relief upon registration with PSEB and P@SHA
  • Foreign Currency Debit Card (Coming Soon)
  • Access to foreign currency funds at any point in time
  • Minor can open an account along with the guardian
  • Preferential Rates of Conversion from FCY to PKR**

*The remaining amount shall be credited to customer’s PKR account

**Only on UBL Freelancer account

Utilize your foreign currency funds for following transactions:

  • Make personal or work-related payments in FCY through outward remittances
  • Make payments with respect to capital and financial transactions, such as equity investment
    abroad and foreign currency loan repayment, as per prevailing regulatory guidelines.
  • Convert the funds in your PKR account and enjoy all permissible transactions locally
  • FCY Cash withdrawal outside Pakistan
  • Transfer of funds to and from customer’s other Exporter’s Special Foreign Currency account maintained with other Authorized dealer

Foreign currency cash withdrawal is not allowed within Pakistan The funds cannot be transferred to any FCY/ FE 25 accounts

Rate Break on Loans

Avail lucrative rate breaks on loans and utilize it to fulfill your dreams:

  • Personal Loan at a discounted rate of 1 year KIBOR + 10%
  • Up to 5% cash back on personal loan and educational loan*
  • Up to 3.5% cash back on auto loan*

*Upon maintaining monthly average balance of PKR 250,000 & above

Availability of Credit Card
  • UBL Freelancer account holders can now conveniently apply for a Credit Card as per the Credit Card application process as defined by the bank from time to time.
  • In order to apply, customer can visit their branch, call our helpline or visit: https://ubldigital.com/Loans/Cards-Products/UBL-Credit-Card
Free General Banking Services
  • Free Debit Card
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free IBFT via App/Net Banking
  • Free App/Net Banking
  • Cashback on ATM Off Us transactions
  • Free E-PRC
  • Free SMS Alerts
  • Free Inter Branch Online transaction
  • Avail all the above benefits without any initial deposit or minimum balance requirement and without any Credit Limit (Except for Home Remittance of USD 25,000).
  • All other charges will be applicable as per prevailing Schedule of Charges.

All other charges and waivers will be applicable as per prevailing Schedule of Charges.

Preferential FX Rates

Forget about losing out on investments as we provide you with preferential rates upon conversion from foreign currency to PKR.

Discounts on Co-working Spaces
Discounts on Kickstart
Discounts on the Hive

Flat 10% discount on shared services such as Boardroom, Hot desk, Event Hall and Fixed Desk.

Discount on Worcade
  • Flat 15% discount on all co-working space services
  • Extended Free access to meeting rooms
  • Free upgrade to dedicated desks for medium term subscribers
  • Dedicated seats for UBL Freelancer account holder

In order to avail the discounts, UBL Freelancer accountholders are required to contact the co-working space directly for booking arrangements at least 2 days prior to the required dates so that their verification as an account holder is timely processed by the bank. The co-working space would then call the customer for confirmation once their status is verified.

Discounted Tax Facilitation
  • Filing of income or sales tax within 3 working days.
  • Review of tax return by professional tax consultants before filing.
  • Free live chat and on-call support during the process of filing.
  • Post-filing support in case of any notice for audit by Federal/Provincial Tax Authorities.

Consultancy Fee

Befiler will charge consultancy fee for the service provided as per following:

Service Description Fee (Rs.)
One-time fee for registration with FBR and SRB For Everyone 3,000
Monthly Sales Tax Filing (Per Return) Freelancers with only foreign source income
Freelancers with local income
Annual Income Tax Return (Per Return) Freelancers with only foreign source income - turnover not exceeding 5 million
Freelancers with local income - turnover exceeding Rs. 5 million

Customer will pay consultancy fee directly to the Befiler. The fee will be deposited in Befiler's Bank account with UBL. In order to avail the discounted benefits, please contact your branch and fill out Tax Information Form. The branch will submit your form to Be-filer after verification as UBL Freelancer account holder after which Be-filer shall contact the customer for further details.

Complimentary Insurance Coverage

Bundle Insurance Benefits

The combined insurance plan will provide safety coverage for UBL freelancer accountholder against mobile, laptop, wallet/documents theft while also providing benefits of hospitalization in case of an accident.

Type of Uncertainties Mobile Phone Laptop Wallet Accidental Hospitalization
Coverage (Amount in PKR) 50,000 100,000 5,000 150,000

Coverage Practice

  • All UBL freelancer accountholders maintaining average monthly balance of PKR 250,000 and above.
  • Coverage period: 30 days
  • Coverage charges: Complimentary cover
  • Term of the cover is monthly.

For claims, customer may contact:

Exclusion from the Insurance Cover:

  • No repair and damages for Laptop/Mobile. Only theft/snatching is covered.
  • No General Hospitalization: only accidental hospitalization covered.
  • Loss of Wallet-identity documents insurance is not covered. Theft of wallet covered only.

Insurance coverage is through UBL Insurers

Please mandatorily ensure to fill in your required details in link below as soon as your account is opened so that you do not have any issues with respect to processing claims in future.


Business Financing

Expand your business through Prime Minister Youth Business and Agriculture Loan Scheme.

Collaboration with Freelancers Association

UBL’s strong collaboration with Freelancer Association would provide our customers with a chance to build networks in their field of interest.


Discounts on co-working spaces, Complimentary Insurance Coverage and Tax facilitation are third party services. The Bank shall not be liable for any action or lack thereof on the part of a third party. The customer hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Bank against any loss, liability or damages arising from utilization of services of a third party whether if the same were referred to the customer by the Bank or not. The customer shall at all times exercise his good judgement and conduct their own due diligence prior to utilizing any services recommended by the Bank or offered by a third party on behalf of the Bank.

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