Deposit Cheques With UBL Digital App

You can deposit your cheques digitally anytime, anywhere and get hassle-free experience. No need to visit a branch anymore, download UBL Digital App to simply use this feature.

Key Features

No need to visit a branch

Deposit cheque in a few minutes

Convenient banking experience with UBL Digital App

24/7 cheque deposit feature for UBL users

Deposits up to 50 cheques in a month amounting to PKR 5 million

Track your deposited cheques digitally

Here’s how to deposit your cheque successfully

Conveniently deposit cheques with a few taps on UBL Digital App.

Please make sure to update the following details on your cheque in order to avoid rejection in cheque processing

  • Cheque should be crossed with two diagonal lines on the top left corner.
  • Beneficiary name should be mentioned on cheque
  • Beneficiary name mentioned on cheque should be the same as the account title in which the cheque is being deposited


‘Sign’ into your UBL Digital App

Tips to successfully scan a cheque

Here’s how you can scan and deposit your cheque on the first go.


Make sure the borders of the cheque remain within the frame


Make sure that the top left corner of the cheque has two diagonal lines


Make sure that the picture is sharp and NOT blurry


Make sure that the picture is sharp and NOT blurrye


Capture the image with a white background

For a seamless digital deposit cheque experience, keep in mind

  • The digital cheque deposit feature is only available for UBL Cheques only.
  • All UBL Digital App customers having handsets above iOS 13 for iPhone and RAM 3GB+ for Android will be enabled for the feature by default.
  • Maximum 10 cheque deposits are allowed amounting up to PKR 1 million in a day.
  • Cheques from photo accountholders are not included.

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