UBL Fleet Financing
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UBL Fleet Financing

Accelerate your business with UBL. Now acquire commercial vehicles for your business and passengers vehicles for your employee through UBL Fleet Financing. We also offer financing for body fabrication in commercial vehicle category.

Account Opening and related Forms

  • No Additional Collateral
  • Customized Financing solutions
  • Competitive mark-up rates
  • Repayment tenure 1 to 5 years
  • Quick processing and personalized relationship management
  • Nominal processing charges
  • UBL Fleet Finance is available for a variety of Vehicles:
    • Local assembled / Imported
    • New / Used
    • Private Vehicles (Car, SUV, etc.)
    • Commercial Vehicles (Trucks, Buses, etc.)
  • Body / Fabrication attached to a Commercial Vehicle

Eligibility Criteria

  • Type of Entities: Proprietorship, Partnership and Private / Public Limited Companies
  • Experience: Last 3 years in same business
  • Age: Maximum 65 years for Sole Proprietor / Self-Employed (at the time of maturity of loan)

Primary Security

  • Term Loan: Vehicle in the name of customer with HPA marked in favour of UBL
  • Lease Finance: Vehicle in the name of UBL

Contact # 0800-55-825