UBL Roshan Pension Plan for Overseas Pakistanis
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UBL Roshan Pension Plan for Overseas Pakistanis

Secure your post-retirement life with UBL Roshan Pension Plan. With this offer, you can invest in the UBL Fund Manager pension plan via UBL Roshan Digital Account, for a secure and stable future.

The plan is designed to provide a steady income after your retirement, and offers the following benefits.

  • Tax Credit up to 20%
  • Choice of various allocation plans ranging from Money Market to Equity
  • Flexibility of unlimited re-allocation between the chosen plan
  • Takaful coverage
  • Shariah Compliant and Conventional options available

Visit UBL Netbanking to open a Pension Account and invest today.

To open UBL Roshan Digital Account, click here .

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