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The future of banking
Designed for ease-of-use and delivering an exceptional assisted self-service experience, the UBL Digital POD is capable of handling the highest possible transaction volumes.
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Digital POD Featured Services

This smart branch is here to boost up your experience! That’s right, now we are open with our smart branch from 11 to 11 providing 26+ set of services 7 days a week.

Prefer the personalised interaction? We have got you covered! Our smart branches have remote UBL Assistants to give you that smart yet personalised banking experience

Fund transfer through POD
Bill payment through POD
Customer info through POD
Customer Information
Form Amendment
Account opening through POD
Account Opening
cheque deposit through POD
Card order through POD
Card Ordering and

Frequently Asked Questions

More Features

Balance Inquiry
Cash Deposit
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Encashment via Cheque
Card Activation
Cheque Book Activation
Cheque Book Ordering
Netbanking Activation
Product Inquiry
Digital App Sign-up
Account Linking Request
Card Linking Request

Wiz Card Management
Mutual Fund Management
E-Statement Request
SMS Alerts Management
Lite Installment Plan Request
Balance Transfer Funds
Complaint Logging
Dispute Logging and Reversals
Account Statement Request
Credit Card Statement Request