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Internet Merchant Acquiring
UBL Go-Green

UBL Go-Green Internet Merchant Acquiring

Did you know that approximately 66% of internet users around the world make purchases online? Not only is it convenient and easy to use but ever since internet has penetrated our market, online shopping has gained momentum around the world as well as in the lifestyles of consumers.

Here is where UBL Go Green Internet Merchant Acquiring will help you. If you are a business with an average online presence that doesn't allow customers to shop online, you are way behind in the race. Don't let your competitors get in your way by taking your customers astray. You deserve to have your "name and fame" in the "online shopping game."

Therefore it's time to catch up with the world and jump onto the bandwagon of e-commerce!

To serve you even better, UBL has launched for the very first time in Pakistan "UBL Go Green Internet Merchant Acquiring Service". Keeping the environmental perspective in view, this service speeds up secure transactions to a wider customer base through accepting payments over the internet through your website. Furthermore UBL Go Green Internet Merchant Acquiring gives you utmost peace of mind as it is backed by "3-D Secure" which is a global standard to authenticate Cardholders over the Internet transactions.

What exactly is 3D (3-domain) Secure Internet Merchant Acquiring?

This is a unique service that is specially designed to offer new online shopping convenience to cardholders and merchants, enabling merchants' organizations/companies to transform their ordinary online presence into a distinguished e-Business website; merchants' customers are able to shop online using their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. All customer needs is his/her credit or debit card and an internet connection! There you are as an active participant of the internet economy.

So help boost your business by giving customers a convenient way to pay for goods and services. 21st century consumer market is all about having an edge in service provision and quality. So sign up for "UBL Go-Green Internet Merchant Acquiring" right away and start collecting payments from your customers in a seamless and secure manner because "You deserve the best!!!"

Features and benefits of UBL Go-Green Internet Merchant Acquiring

  • Secure payment mechanism
  • 3D Secure authenticated transactions (Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code)
  • PCIDSS Certified Payment Gateway
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Service Competency keeping “YOU” in mind
  • Utmost Customer Care satisfaction and standards

To avail the “UBL Go Green Internet Merchant Acquiring Service,” call on our help lines:

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Thank you for interest in our premium UBL Go‐Green Internet Merchant Acquiring services.

We look forward to having a long term mutually beneficial business relationship with your esteemed organization”

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