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UBL Go-Green

UBL Go-Green e-statement

The Earth is our home and to protect its natural resources is everyone’s responsibility. UBL Go-Green is a small step in this direction - an initiative taken by the bank, to give back to the environment what generations after generations have taken from it. A chance to breathe easy, to restore back to nature one of its most vital elements – the trees.

Go-Green makes the environment around you paper-free. Use your computers for storing and getting information. The UBL Go-Green initiative offers you on-demand information about your account via UBL e-statement.

UBL brings a simple solution to all your problems by introducing the UBL Go-Green e-statements Facility

Through this facility, you will be able to receive your statement of accounts right in your email box at your desired frequency and automated transactional debit/ credit alerts without any cost. Available for all Rupee and Foreign Currency Account holders, you now do not have to wait for six months to receive a paper based statement of your account any more. All you need to do is tell us the frequency of statements you require and we will ensure that it reaches your inbox.

  • Absolutely free of cost: You don't incur any cost in order to get benefit from this facility. UBL believes in providing value-added service to customers and all you need to get started is your email address!
  • Accessible when you need it: UBL Go Green e-statement provides you a highly convenient facility to receive your statement anywhere in the world!
  • Monthly
  • Security: As an alternative to printed statements, UBL Go-Green e-statements eradicate the hassle of paperwork, box filling and the chance of having your unattended documentation read by others.
  • Receive bill statements according to your needs: Your UBL Go-Green e-statement can be delivered to you on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annually basis.
  • Automated transactional debit/ credit alerts: Whenever there is an activity in your account, an email shall be sent to you with the complete transaction details.
  • Easy to read format: Your UBL Go Green e-statement shall be sent to you in an easy to read Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Environment friendly: There is a general awareness and drive worldwide to preserve nature and reduce the use of paper. E-Statements are an effective move in this direction.

To subscribe to UBL Go-Green e-statement facility:

  • You can switch to e-statements by opting for "Go Green" through the Digital App. Here's how:
  • After signing in or signing up on the app, you'll receive a 'Go Green' pop-up. Tap 'Continue' to access e-statements anytime and anywhere! Once you make the switch to e-statements, the bank will no longer send paper-based statements to your mailing address. However, you can easily download your e-statements in PDF format directly from the Digital App.