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Zakat & Donations
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You can easily pay your Zakat or give Donations anytime at conveniently located UBL Omni Dukaans without any charges.

Zakat & Donations

You can pay your Zakat or give Donations anytime at conveniently located UBL Omni Dukaans without any charges. 

Just simply visit your nearest Omni Dukaan with your original CNIC and zakat/donation amount. The Omni Agent will enter the details and process the payment to the selected Organization.

Omni Account holders can use the following channels to make donations / give Zakat:

SMS Command

  • Go to the write message option of your mobile phone
  • Type following command and send it to 8257.
    PayZakat < amount> < company name> < CNIC last four digits>
    e.g.: PayZakat < amount > < company name > < CNIC last four digits >
    PayDonation < amount > < company name > < CNIC last four digits >
    eg: PayZakat 50 HOPE 6516
  • You will receive a system generated call back from Omni
  • To confirm transaction, authenticate yourself and enter Omni PIN which you have created at the time of Account Activation
  • You will receive confirmation SMS from 8257

Omni Customer Mobile App

You can transfer funds to any other Omni Account from Omni App in a few quick and simple steps:

  • Successfully Log in to your Omni Customer App
  • Go to Transactions menu
  • Select Pay Zakat & Donations -> Pay Zakat / Pay Donation
  • Select Company, Enter Amount
  • Enter PIN and click Next
  • Successful message displayed on App screen

UBL Netbanking

By accessing your Omni Account from Netbanking, you can use it to pay Zakat and/or Donations to the listed companies:

  • Go to My Payments
  • Select Donations & Zakat
  • Select Company name to Pay
  • Enter Amount & T-PIN and complete transaction

To access your Omni Account through the internet just visit our UBL Netbanking website and by a simple process get yourself registered and successfully login with your credentials.


Note: Payment of Zakat and Donation is free of charge. Transaction limits: Min. Rs. 50/- and Max. Rs. 10,000/-



To view list of the supported bill companies please visit Partner Companies section.