CSR 2017
CSR Initiatives

Sustainability at UBL in 2017

At the heart of UBL’s Sustainability philosophy is the desire to help those less fortunate than others by supporting causes and empowering communities. The emphasis on giving back to the community it operates in, is part of the bank’s well-articulated corporate strategy.

By focusing on the key sectors of higher education and health both independently as well as in partnership with specialist organizations, UBL believes that it can empower disadvantaged sections of the society through economic regeneration and employment creation.

UBL aims to help those in need by providing for accessible higher education, affordable and high-quality healthcare and improvements in infrastructure and communal well-being, through a detailed and all-encompassing sustainability program. In 2017, these were the key areas the Bank focused its sustainability efforts on.

The second and final tranche of PKR 50 million was presented to Namal Education Foundation for the construction of an Auditorium and a Faculty and Staff Accommodation Unit for the Namal Agri-Business Program. This was part of a PKR 100 donation to the educational institution.

Moreover, education of over 260 students, in various programs across the country, was financed through scholarships by the Bank in 2017. LUMS, Forman Christian College, Bahauddin Zakariya University and the Nasra Schools were amongst the recipients of UBL scholarship funds.

UBL also supported many healthcare causes across Pakistan during 2017. Donations for purchase of medical equipment were given to institutions like the Memon Medical Institute Hospital, Murshid Hospital & Healthcare Center and Shalamar Hospital. Ambulances were also donated to healthcare institutions in Balochistan and the Federal Capital.

UBL also worked in collaboration with Hisaar Foundation towards water conservation and sustainability, an issue of much importance in Pakistan.

2017 saw UBL consolidate its sustainability agenda towards its core focus areas of education and healthcare. It is the Bank’s sheer commitment to its values that continues to inspire and motivate it to be sensitive to the society. It is this very commitment that will play an important role in UBL’s efforts as the Bank looks ahead and focuses on improving lives and building brighter futures for a wider and more diverse recipient base.