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Sustainability at UBL – 2019

UBL has always strived to establish itself as a responsible corporate citizen. The bank recognizes its commitment to constantly improve its processes, systems, products and services to create value for the communities it operates in. By means of a transparent and judicious Sustainability agenda, UBL strives to encourage a positive impact through projects aimed towards the improvement of the environment,consumers, employees, communities and all its stakeholders.

At the heart of UBL’s Sustainability philosophy is the desire to help the less fortunate by supporting causes and empowering communities. As part of its Sustainability Agenda, UBL focuses on the sectors of Education, Healthcare, Literature & Arts, Water Scarcity and Natural Disaster Relief. The Bank works both individually as well as in partnership with professional organizations, to enable disadvantaged sections of the society through economic regeneration and employment creation.

In 2019, UBL donated to projects that further strengthened and diversified its sustainability efforts.Supporting education through infrastructural development of educational institutions and provision of scholarships to deserving students and healthcare projects through provision of life-saving equipment were the core areas where the Bank focused its sustainability efforts in 2019.

Provision of opportunities for higher education through scholarships remained UBL’s top priority in the education sector. UBL was able to provide education opportunities to students at primary, secondary and higher levels of studies. The Bank reached out to remote areas of Pakistan to help a diversified base of students secure a better future for themselves. Educational institutions like IBA, LUMS, FCC, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Nasra Schools and Kashmir Education Foundation were some of the educational institutions who were recipients of UBL’s donations for scholarships during the year.

Furthermore, in 2019, UBL also assisted educational foundations like Zindagi Trust in their students’ health program while at the same time donating to SOS Children’s Village Pakistan for the building of one of their schools in Khairpur.

Apart from education, UBL’s Sustainability agenda also focuses on providing access to quality healthcare to those who are not able to afford it. The Bank believes that everyone should be able to obtain access to appropriate medical facilities. In order to make healthcare affordable for the underprivileged, UBL donated in 2019 to institutions like Edhi Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center and Shalamar Hospital. The Bank assisted other institutions like Sahara for Life Trust towards the building of a Cancer Hospital in Narowal and Chal Foundation by donating to provide disabled patients with assistive devices.

In 2019 UBL also worked in association with NGOs like Hisaar Foundation for water sustainability projects.Linking with such specialist institutions and investing Sustainability funds in projects working towards alleviating water shortage will be a strong focus area in the years to come.

2019 saw much diversification in UBL’s Sustainability activities, with donations to worthy causes reaching out to many deserving institutions and communities. Carrying forward the impetus, the Bank commences 2020 with an even greater affirmation towards building a brighter future for an extensive recipient base.