CSR 2013
CSR Initiatives

CSR 2013

In line with its CSR agenda to donate generously to Health and Education, the bank has undertaken to support many worthy causes in 2013. Apart from Health and Education, Community Welfare has also played a major role in the bank's CSR activities. In its commitment of enhancing opportunities for underprivileged individuals and families, UBL has generously donated to the following NGOs and institutions in the year 2013.


The Citizens Foundation

UBL has sponsored the end to end construction and set-up of a primary/secondary school in the town of Gharo in Sindh. This school is under construction and should be operational from next year onwards. The school will provide free of cost education to underprivileged children.

Lahore University of Management Sciences

UBL enhanced its annual CSR commitment in 2013 to LUMS under their ‘National Outreach Program’ to promote and cultivate local potential of Pakistan especially from the lowest income households.

Forman Christian College

UBL gave a grant to this college in Lahore to be utilized towards the scholarship requirements of students who cannot afford the tuition related expenses.

Old Association of Kinnaird Society (OAKS)

This donation was given to sponsor a fundraiser arranged by OAKS to financially support the National Institute of Child Health and at the same time provide educational support to Naunehal Academy. Both institutes cater to the health and educational requirements of underprivileged children.


Gulab Devi Chest Hospital

The hospital provides free of cost medical facilities, treatment and medicines to underprivileged patients of Tuberculosis and other related chest and heart diseases. UBL donated to this hospital to help cover the deficit in their operational budget.

Cardiovascular Foundation

UBL donated to sponsor a fundraiser organized by the Foundation to maintain their recently renovated facilities and meet the expenses incurred on heart surgeries performed on patients too poor to afford them otherwise.


The NGO provides free of cost mental health care to the poor. To expand their facilities and meet additional operational costs, they arranged a fundraiser. The bank supported their cause by sponsoring the fundraiser.


Hisaar Foundation

The Foundation initiated ‘Project Aab O Daana’ with the sole support of UBL. This project’s main objective was to provide food sustenance to the underprivileged by teaching them how to grow food on their own in kitchen gardens.

Sindh Welfare Association for Deaf

The association works to provide education as well as vocational training to the deaf members of the society. UBL sponsored an event for the association in order to raise funds for their operations.

Buksh Foundation

The Buksh Foundation launched a unique initiative whereby they electrified villages in Pakistan where there was no electricity. They approached UBL to be part of the initiative where one village was electrified with the help of funds donated by the bank.