CSR 2010
CSR Initiatives

CSR 2010

The commitment to continuously create value for its customers, employees and local communities is a major priority of UBL. In 2010, the Bank provided support of over Rs. 80 million for CSR initiatives principally in the areas of education, health care and community development. UBL's efforts in the fields of CSR were also acknowledged by the Pakistan Center of Philanthropy (PCP), an independent organization, as one of the largest donors to charitable causes in Pakistan.


UBL was a 'Contributing Sponsor' of the Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) which aims to set up a world class School of Business and Leadership in Karachi. Apart from this, the bank also generously donated to other organizations operating in the field of education including The Citizen's Foundation and the Lahore University of Management Sciences.


In the area of health, UBL contributed substantially to Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centers, The Police Hospital Fund and Friends of Burns Center.

Community Welfare

In the aftermath of the massive floods across Pakistan in July 2010, UBL initiated a donation program nationwide, accompanied by a significant media campaign, with a pledge to match each donation rupee for rupee. UBL's employees also answered the call; voluntarily donating one day's salary. These funds were then utilized towards rehabilitation of the flood affectees, with a focus on the provision of clean drinking water.