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Investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates

Investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates

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Funds Transfer

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Roshan Equity Investment

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Roshan Digital Account empowers Non-resident Pakistanis to open accounts anytime, anywhere without visiting a branch in Pakistan.

Account Opening Process


Click on 'Apply for Roshan Digital Account' and follow the simple steps to open an Islamic or Conventional, Current or Savings account in either FCY (USD, EURO, GBP, SAR, AED) or PKR currency.


Once you have completed the form and submitted the documents our representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours. (If Required)


To manage your account and investments, you will receive an email with a link to access UBL Net-banking. Use the link to create a username and password to access and manage your account digitally.


You can view your account details including balance by logging in to Net-banking & UBLDigital App.


You can now invest into Stocks & Investment Certificates as well for attractive returns. Log in to Net-banking, Click on NRP Services & start investing!

Click here to view Terms & Conditions

*For opening a joint account, please drop us an email at

Eligibility Criteria

Individual Non-Resident Pakistani Nationals (NRPs) having CNIC/ SNIC/ NICOP;

Foreign Nationals having Pakistan Origin Card (POC);

Employees or officials of the Federal Government or a Provincial Government posted abroad.

Resident Individual Pakistanis who have duly declared assets held abroad (foreign currency account only).

Required Documents

Original scanned CNIC/ NICOP/ POC

Original scanned Pakistani Passport (first 2 pages) (for NRPs, OPF members, and Government Employees posted abroad)

Original scanned other country Passport (first 2 pages) (for POC holders, if available)

Proof of NRP status (POC, visa, entry/ exit stamps, etc.)

Proof of Profession and Source of Income/ Funds (job certificate, tax return, rent agreement, salary slips, etc.)

Live /digital photo through Webcam

Signature on white paper/ scanned image of signature

Wealth statement declared in latest tax returns with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) (For Resident Pakistanis Only)

* JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF (3 Pages maximum). Files can be uploaded with a recommended file size of 5 MB for each uploaded document

Investments in Naya Pakistan Certificates

Invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs) at very attractive risk free rates. Send money now in your UBL Roshan Digital account and use UBL Netbanking to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates to start reaping the benefits. Below table details the amazing returns.

Annualized Rate of Return

Conventional Naya Pakistan Certificates

Currency Minimum Investment Rate of Return (Gross annual return before tax)
3 - Month 6 - Month 12 - Month 3 Years 5 Years
USD USD Denominated: USD 1,000 with integral multiples of 500 8.25% 8.50% 9.00% 8.00% 8.00%
PKR PKR Denominated: PKR 10,000 with integral multiples of 1000 21.00% 21.25% 21.50% 17.50% 15.00%
GBP GBP Denominated: GBP 1,000 with integral multiples of 500 7.25% 7.50% 8.00% 7.50% 7.50%
Euro Euro Denominated: Euro 1,000 with integral multiples of 500 6.25% 6.50% 7.00% 6.50% 6.50%

Expected Profit Rates and Weightages For Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates

Currency 3 Months Profit Payment at maturity 6 Months Profit Payment at maturity 12 Months Profit Payment at maturity 3 Years Half year profit payment 5 Years Half year profit payment
Expected Return Profit Weightage Assigned Expected Return Profit Weightage Assigned Expected Return Profit Weightage Assigned Expected Return Profit Weightage Assigned Expected Return Profit Weightage Assigned
USD 8.25% 1.70 8.50% 1.85 9.00% 2.10 8.00% 2.20 8.00% 2.30
PKR 21.00% 1.80 21.25% 1.85 21.50% 1.90 17.50% 1.75 15.00% 1.65
GBP 7.25% 2.10 7.50% 2.20 8.00% 2.30 7.50% 2.50 7.50% 2.60
EUR 6.25% 2.71 6.50% 2.86 7.00% 3.00 6.50% 3.14 6.50% 3.29

Click here for Islamic Naya Pakitan Certificates - Actual Profit Rates

Mudarabah Pool INPCCL (Mudarib) Share Investor (Rab-ul-Maal) Share
PKR 35% of distributable income 65% of distributable income
USD 55% of distributable income 45% of distributable income
GBP 65% of distributable income 35% of distributable income
EURO 70% of distributable income 30% of distributable income
Minimum Investment
USD Denominated: USD 1,000 and integral multiples of USD 500
PKR Denominated: PKR 10,000 and integral multiples of PKR 1,000
GBP Denominated: GBP 1,000 and integral multiples of GBP 500
Euro Denominated: Euro 1,000 and integral multiples of Euro 500
  • Login to UBL Netbanking and click on NRP Services and then click on Naya Pakistan Certificates on the left bar
  • Select your Roshan Digital Account in the Pay from tab
  • Select Product type 'NPC – Conventional' or 'INPC – Islamic'
  • Select Tenure of investment from the options mentioned above.
  • Select the amount to be invested
    • a. Min 100,000 PKR in multiples of PKR 10,000
    • b. Min 5,000 USD/GBP/EUR in multiples of USD/GBP/EUR 1,000
  • Review T&C’s and click Invest
  • Early/Premature Encashment: For early encashment of certificate(s), please reach out to us at


For repatriation of your funds, please log in to Net-banking, click onNRP Services and navigate to Repatriate Funds to initiate the process.
Click here to view Terms & Conditions.

Transactions with FCY/PKR Conversions

For FCY, currently only Fund Transfers in FCY/ PKR Accounts and Fund Allocation for PKR Investment Portfolio is allowed. Bill Payments, Mobile Topup and much more coming soon!

Bill Payments Mobile Top Up Funds Transfer – Linked Account Funds Transfer – Within Bank Inter Bank Funds Transfer Investments Donations Currency Conversions*
RDA - PKR Account
RDA - FCY Account Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

*Limits : Customer with PKR Account can perform currency conversions upto Pkr 800,000 per day
Customers with FCY Account can perform currency conversions upto 5000 units of account currency per day

Maximise Your Monthly Income with UBL Mahana Aamdani Term Deposit

Are you seeking a reliable way to enhance your monthly income while enjoying competitive profit rates? Look no further! Introducing the UBL Mahana Aamdani Term Deposit - your path to higher monthly income! With attractive high yield profit rates, it’s time to make your money work harder for you.

Secure your financial future today! Click here to view the guidelines and procedure.

Invest Easily in Real Estate in Pakistan

Roshan Digital Account holders can now invest in real estate via their RDA account. This feature allows them to make seamless investments as well as disinvestments and earn returns in the process. The feature also allows RDA account holders to rent out their property acquired (under this feature) and deposit rental payments into their RDA Account.

Click here to view the guidelines and processes

UBL Roshan Apni Car

Roshan Digital Account holders can now easily apply for Roshan Apni Car for their loved ones on lowest Profit and Takaful rates.

Features & Benefits:

  • Exclusive rates for UBL Roshan Digital Account holders
  • Financing tenure of up to 7 years*
  • Maximum financing amount up to PKR 8 Million
  • Financing available for new and used cars
  • Financing available on floating rates pricing:
    1. For Non Lien based segment: 12 Month’s Kibor + 1%
    2. For Lien based segment: SBP Floor Rate + 1%
  • Down payment: Minimum 15% of the cost of vehicle
  • Selection of reputable Takaful companies at competitive rates and value added services
  • Facility for lien/ pledge of equivalent amount of financing in Roshan Digital Account or investment in Islamic/ Conventional Naya Pakistan Certificate
  • Repricing on annual basis
  • Islamic auto financing is based on Diminishing Musharakah contract and installment payment starts after the delivery of vehicle

To apply online, login to UBL Netbanking and click on NRP services.

*For Lien based financing, the tenor may vary as per the validity of the instrument.

Click here for Roshan Apni Car’s FAQs.

UBL Roshan Samaaji Khidmat

Easily send Zakat and Donations to your preferred charitable organizations from anywhere across the world. Login to UBL Netbanking and donate to over 35 charitable organizations.

  • Step 1: Log-in to UBL Netbanking
  • Step 2: Select NRP Services and click on Roshan Samaaji Khidmat
  • Step 3: Select your preferred organization & Enter amount
  • Step 4: Click on Review and enter OTP
  • Donations successfully made.

Click here to view the list of available charitable organizations on UBL Digital App/Netbanking.

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