UBL Cash Plus


Who can apply for UBL CashPlus Term Loan?

Permanent Salaried employees of companies/ Govt / Armed Forces, maintaining payroll relationship with UBL can apply for UBL CashPlus Term loan.

What is the minimum net income criteria to apply for UBL CashPlus?

Minimum Monthly Net Income Criteria is Rs. 20,000/-

What is the minimum and maximum credit limit of UBL CashPlus?

  • Minimum 20,000
  • Maximum 2,000,000*

What is the minimum and maximum age limit for UBL CashPlus?

  • Minimum 21 Years
  • Maximum 60 Years (at the end of loan)

What is the tenure for the UBL CashPlus loan?

The tenure of the loan will vary between 1 to 5 years.

Is Direct Debit mandatory for UBL CashPlus customers?

Yes Auto Debit for due payment is mandatory for all UBL CashPlus customers.

What is the mechanism for calculating APR?

APR calculation

For UBL CashPlus Markup is calculated based on 365 days due to system functionalities. This gives the customer the benefit of a slightly lower repayment amount as APR is slightly lower than the published rates.

What is the mechanism for Charging Late payment fee?

Due date is 10th of every month and Late Payment Fee will be charged on every missed/late EMI from customers at the time of their next due installment. These charges will be recovered in addition to the EMI amount due. If customer fails to deposits the late fee charges in addition to the EMI, then charges will be recovered from the amount deposited/recovered through direct debit.