UBL Business Partner
Over 1400 Online Branches In more than 400 Cities Your Account in every one of them

UBL Business Partner

Over 1400 online branches in more than 400 cities & your account in every one of them.

To us reliability means unmatched accessibility, convenience and freedom.

Unlimited Real Time Online Banking

Access your account from over 1400 online branches in over more than 400 cities all across Pakistan for unlimited online transactions. With UBL Business Partner, your account moves with you. Wherever you go, we will follow. Enjoy total convenience at any online branch with:

  • Instant Cash Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Country Wide Instant Funds Transfer
  • Issuance of Pay Order, Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer
  • Instant Cheque Clearance for all UBL Cheques
  • Speedy clearing and collection of any non UBL cheque in any Online UBL branch
  • Statement of Account Issuance / Balance Inquiry / Stop Payment of Cheques

Convenience of Non-Stop Full Service Banking

  • Rupee Deposits & Withdrawals (both cheque & cash)
  • Issuance of Pay Order, Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer
  • Locker Access
  • Utility Bills Payment
  • Consumer Loans / Credit Card Payment
  • Statement of Account Issuance & Balance Inquiry
  • Issuance of Rupee Traveler's Cheques

The Current Account that offers Freedom

UBL Business Partner comes with unmatched free* offers. We truly value your partnership and believe in offering you the preference you deserve.

Now individuals sole proprietorships, partnerships and Government accounts can become our preferred Business Partner by maintaining Rs. 250,000/- or above in their current account and get the following services absolutely free!

  • Issuance of MT
  • Issuance of CC/CBC
  • Cancellation of PO/CC/CBC/DD or MT
  • Duplicate CC/CBC
  • Debit/ ATM card annual fee
  • Cleans bill for collection/intercity clearing
  • Issuance of cheque books
  • Cheque returned unpaid from payee’s account in outward clearing
  • Online IBTS transaction countrywide
  • Locker rent
  • Issuance of Rupee Travelers Cheque
  • 1 Locker Free (any size for first year , subject to availability in the branch where account resides)

*Number of Free Transactions as per UBL Schedule of Charges

Note: Minimum balance charges of Rs. 50/- will be charged monthly if monthly average balance falls below Rs.10,000/-