UBL Bank Guarantees Discounting


What is Bank Guarantee Discounting?

The BG discounting facility will be available to beneficiary of the Guarantee being a manufacturing concern, distributor, wholesalers, dealer / supplier of goods of value on credit in the following sectors

  • Pesticide
  • Fertilizer

For what purpose can I avail BG discounting facility?

The BG discounting facility is available for business purpose only.

Who can apply for BG discounting facility?

Business entities including Individual / Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited Companies or Any Legal entity approved by SECP.

What is the maximum amount facility can I avail?

BG can be discounted upto 90% of the BG value

What is the minimum amount that I can avail?

You can avail minimum of PKR 1Mn.

What type of facilities is available?

Term Finance Facility is available depending on the BG validity

What is the maximum period of BG discounting?

BG discounting facility is available for 180 days.

Can I discount multiple BGs?

Yes, you can discount multiple BGs issued from one or different banks / FIs with in the approved limit.

Can I early settle BG facility?

There is no restriction on settling BG prior to the maturity date.

How can I get BG facility?

We will forward your request to our relationship management team who will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.