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Retail Asset Products
UBL offers a diverse mix of agriculture based financial products. Financing is available for all seasonal crops across Pakistan.

Rural Banking

Agriculture is the lifeline of Pakistan’s economy; and it accounts for 19.5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) which translates into more than PKR 6 Trillion. Agriculture sector employs 42.3 percent of the labor force and provides raw material for several value-added sectors.

UBL is very much cognizant of the importance of the agriculture sector for the social and the economic development of rural masses of country. UBL, as pioneer financial institute, has always remained on the forefront for serving the rural and agriculture sector in Pakistan.

Currently we have an extensive network of more than 600 Rural Branches engaged in providing comprehensive "banking services to" the rural masses of Pakistan.

Agriculture Lending Products

  • Zarai Khushali
    The product is aimed at providing production loans and development loans to farming community. Product loan includes financing facilities for crop input like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc. and working capital to meet expenses of various nature attributable to farm and non-farm activities which may include Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Fish Farms.
  • Farm Machinery & Transport Finance
    The product program is comprehensively designed to allow purchase of Farm Machinery and Transport which is used for the mechanization and expansion requirements of farmers/farm based entrepreneurs (including corporate firms, partnerships and individuals) who are engaged in farming activity as well as storage, processing, packaging, transporting and marketing of agriculture produce.
  • EWR (Electronic Warehouse Receipt Finance)
    The financing facility will be offered to the farmers to fulfill their cash / credit requirements for ancillary expenses (input purchase, leveraging agriculture produce for funds required for business against the EWR (Electronic Warehouse Receipts) issued only through system of listed CMC (Collateral Management Company) governed by SECP (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) for the produce stored at accredited warehouse of the respective CMC.
  • UBL Urooj (Exclusive for Women)
    Financial inclusion demands that both men and women get equal opportunities to access and use formal financial services. However, currently, women are disproportionately under-served by the country’s financial system. This disparity impedes Pakistan’s national economic development. The goal of the proposed policy in this document is to engender equality in banking and reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion
  • Financing against Liquid Securities
    The credit facilities against liquid securities offers value proposition to customers in an optimal way. Lending against cash backed collateral / liquid security remains an attractive option for customers who desire to obtain short to medium term financing to bridge their individual / business liquidity needs without liquidating their own cash or cash equivalent assets.
  • SBP Refinance Schemes