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How do I use UBL Contact Center Services ?

It's as simple as picking up the phone and dialing the number, which is easy to remember: 021-111-825-888.


I have never used UBL Contact Center services before. What do I need to say when I call?

You can either speak to a Phone banking officer, who will take you through the required procedure, or you can refer to the User Guide and use the automated service.

What can I do when I use this service?

You can perform a number of banking transactions over the phone and get personalized service to find out anything you need to know about UBL products and services.

You can transfer money from account to your credit card, get the balance for any of your accounts, pay bills, obtain transactions record, get details of your transactions, find out interest and foreign exchange rates, get information about banking services or cancel your UBL ATM, debit or credit cards.

What hour does the UBL Contact Center service work?

It is a 24-hour, seven day a week service.

How long will it take to use the service?

As soon as you have entered your CNIC number and PIN to verify yourself, you can choose to process your transactions via the automated system or with a Phone banking officer who will be able to access your account information and give you prompt service. You will be able to carry out simple transactions within a few minutes.

Is my account information secure?

Your account information is always secure as long as you keep your T-PIN number confidential, as recommended by the Bank. Our Phone banking officer cannot see your T-PIN because they transfer your call to the automated service where you enter your code from your touch-tone phone and it registers directly into the Bank's mainframe computer.

As an extra precaution, UBL has taken measures to protect your account so that if the wrong T-PIN is entered three times consecutively, the system will disable your T-PIN. To reactivate T-PIN you need to get yourself verified through Our Phone banking officer who after proper verification will transfer your call to the automated service to generate a new T-PIN.

What is IVR or Self Service Banking?

This option enables you to access your account details through an Interactive Voice Response whenever you opt for Self-Service Banking after calling UBL Contact Center. You have the exclusive leverage of getting your transactions executed through Self Service Banking at your convenience, without speaking to a Phone Banker.

How to use IVR?

You have to follow the below mentioned Steps to services available on Self Service Banking.

Press 1: For Urdu
Press 2: For English

  • Step 3: Select Self Service Banking Option.

Press 2: For Self Service Banking

  • Step 4: Enter 13 Digits CNIC Number.
  • Step 5: Enter 4 digits T-PIN.

What is a T-PIN?

Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN) is an electronic signature; it is a customer’s selected 4-digit code (any random numbers) through which the system verifies the authenticity of the customer and allows access to avail Contact Center Services.

How can I generate / Reset my T-PIN?

Customer can generate or reset his/her T-PIN through Contact Center.

What is the difference between T-PIN and ATM PIN?

Both these numbers are security and verification codes. The difference is that the T-PIN is for the verification of the customer at Contact Center on the phone or at Self Service Banking Whereas, ATM-PIN is for the verification of the customer whenever he has to access the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for cash withdrawals or deposits and other banking / Credit Cards transactions.

Can my T-PIN and ATM-PIN numbers be the same and how often do I need to change them?

Yes. You can choose to have the same T-PIN and ATM- PIN numbers for your convenience. However, from the security point of view, we would advise you to have separate numbers. We also give you the option to have your T-PIN and ATM-PIN numbers changed through Contact Center as and when you desire.

What Safety Measures should I take to secure my T-PIN?

Following Safety Measures should be taken:

  • Do not disclose your T-PIN to anyone. It should be your absolute duty to maintain the secrecy of the T-PIN.
  • If you feel that your T-PIN is lost or is known to someone, immediately change your T-PIN and inform the Bank.

Is there any service fee to use UBL Contact Center Services?

No, for your convenience it’s absolutely free.