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Product Offering

UBL BetterLife plans are advanced insurance products specifically designed to benefit the customers, providing the better and secured future to your family and loved ones. In collaboration with SLICO, the following product types are being offered:

Plan Name Description
UBL BetterLife Endowment Plan This plan is for those who want to put their children through college or university without any worries of huge semester fees providing a complete financial package for children’s education and/or also for those individuals who want to live the same standard of life after retirement. Provides a complete financial package for your child’s education. For more details, Click here
UBL BetterLife Sada Bahar Plan This plan is meant for those individuals who do not want to worry about the marriage expenses at the time of their child’s marriage. The plan allows to accumulate an endowment fund for this purpose in an organized and disciplined manner. For more details, Click here
UBL BetterLife Three Payment Plan The plan is for individuals who want to save money for their future needs, and lead a hassle free life with proper financial planning. It is a unit linked endowment plan that helps save regular amounts today, and increase them to meet financial needs while also giving insurance protection cover. For more details, Click here


These products are underwritten by respective Insurance Partners. It is not guaranteed or insured by UBL or its affiliates and is not a UBL product and UBL is only acting as a distributor of this product.