Our lives now depend massively on our phones and losing a phone is a nightmare.
UBL understands! The struggle is very real.

We are here to ensure your peace of mind,and present an exciting new product
Free Mobile Phone Insurance
UBL Mobile Insurance Icon
  • It is a Free service, available to all UBL Digital App customers.
  • Service is viable for cases of phone snatching and/or theft.
  • If you have made a financial transaction using UBL Digital App in last 30 days, or initiated a request to open an account through Digital app, prior to the claim.
  • Service is viable for cases of phone snatching and/or theft.
Limit of Liability
  • 50% of the current market value of the phone or Rs. 40,000.
    Whichever is lower.
  • Mobile Insurances claims can be made maximum once per year.
All you need
  • Register an FIR or Roznamcha report.
  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Provide Mobile phone accessories, box and Phone Purchase Invoice.
Claim Process
UBL Mobile Insurance process 1
Register an FIR
UBL Mobile Insurance process 2
Call UBL Contact Center to check the eligibility criteria for UBL Mobile Phone Insurance.
UBL Mobile Insurance process 3
If eligible, UBL Contact Center will connect you to the UBL Insurers.
UBL Mobile Insurance process 4
Provide all the documents and confirm your eligibility with the UBL Insurers.
UBL Mobile Insurance process 5
UBL Insurers will check all provided documents and register the claim.
UBL Mobile Insurance process 6
UBL Insurers will settle the claim and credit the settlement amount in your account.